Thank you for visiting AWM.  AWM – Anne Will Management, is a division of Team Agencies Pty Ltd.  We are an adult acting Agency based in Melbourne.  AWM is a boutique Agency, representing a small group of dedicated and talented actors and presenters.  Our aim is to grow steadily, offering our actors/presenters the support and encouragement they deserve.  We will help guide them in the right direction to help build and strengthen their careers, with a focus on working interstate and overseas.  AWM will remain small and exclusive, with an emphasis on new and emerging talent.

If you are a client looking for actors or presenters please click on the links ‘Male Talent’ or ‘Female Talent’ at the top of the page and you will be directed straight to our talent.  All actors have printable CV’s and links to their work.  All our actors can be found on Showcast, there is a link under their photos that will take you directly to their Showcast Profile.

If you are an Actor or Presenter looking for representation, please visit the link FAQ.  Once you have read the content and are confident that you fit our requirements, please go to the link ‘Application’.